Posted on May 21, 2013

This is a little sneak-preview of one of our dialogue labs during the Seriously DIEP Pop-Up University. This lab is called ‘The Pornification of the Straight Man’ and will be presented by Gala Vanting and Peter Leusink.

Porn scholarship has traditionally focussed on the effects it has on the female subject.  In recent years, academics, activists, and gender geeks have turned their attention to the straight male subject and the ways in which porn as a genre and as a culture has contributed to a ‘crisis of masculintiy’.

In this dialogue lab we will divulge and dissect our own encounters with the pornified male subject and whether / how it relates to our lived masculinities and sexualities.  We will discuss what it means to construct a heterosexual masculinity in consideration of the pornosphere.  Can we avoid its influence altogether, or are we forever doomed to the imperatives repeated in pornographic tropes?  

Combining interviews, small groups and round-table formats with a bit of smut thrown in for good measure, let’s explore the state of the gender group generally presumed to be the victors of porn’s conquests.

Join us during Seriously DIEP and book your tickets early! See Tickets for more information.