Posted on Apr 4, 2013

Gender and sexuality, it concerns us all. DIEP introduces you to undiscovered worlds and underground flowers which do not see the sun often enough. DIEP is for those who are going to make their first steps, have already walked the set paths or have deviated from the roads.

DIEP’s roots have attached themselves in Utrecht’s ground. They provide us with a solid and ever branching network. Every year, from this rooted base an innovatory quirky festival grows in which we plow the earth with the organizers, participants and visitors. Peeking over our neighbours fence, we find the inspiration, surprising ideas and exciting collaborations that drive us.

DIEP dares to be vulnerable. By contributing and sharing instead of only consuming. We show ourselves in order to make contact and build a community. There you will get a change to meet people that show you a new perspective on the world. And it’s the place where you can be sheltered and feel at home with like-minded people.

DIEP is for anyone who is interested in sexuality in all her different facets. From newbie to seasoned feminist slut. From trans* to curious student. Girls who look like boys, feminine men, masculine men, women who like women and everthing that fits among, between or within those lines: DIEP always introduces you something new.

Our values: curiousity, progressive, open-minded, without judgment (which is not to say without opinion), strong-headed, DIY, connecting, inclusive, sex positive, accessible.

Without these values DIEP would not go deep.