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June 2014

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Do you miss us? Check Get a Room!

Do you miss us? Check Get a Room!

Posted on Feb 26, 2014

It’s been a while since we last updated the website with catchy new stuff. Don’t worry, we haven’t left you. We’re just taking it a bit slow this year. There won’t be a festival, but there will be DIEP events happening this summer. Until then, do check the Get a Room! activities in Utrecht and Amsterdam. Film, debate and...

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Expo ‘Show Me What You Got’

Posted on Jun 14, 2013

Did you miss our exhibition opening last Sunday? Check our video impression. Many, many thanks to Thorsten Alofs for filming and editing! Show me what you got.

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Emilie Jouvet

Posted on Jun 7, 2013

Dear all, some sad news on this sunny day. We’re very sorry to announce due to unexpected obligations in France, Emile Jouvet can’t make it to the Seriously DIEP Pop-Up University tomorrow. She will be at the exhibition opening of course. We’re trying to arrange a special extra presentation by Emilie on Sunday before the opening. Stay...

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Including you all!

Posted on Jun 6, 2013

DIEP Festival is build by a team which all work on a voluntary basis. It feels magical that we can build a festival this way! We know what it feels like to work in and for a community where money is not overflowing. And we want everyone to be able to join us at DIEP festival! This is of major importance to us. So, if our entrance fee is what’s...

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“It’s Good To See I’m Not The Only One”: Sex Movies for Sexual People

Posted on May 30, 2013

by Jennifer Lyon Bell A few years ago, the explicit erotic film “Matinée” that I had directed had its premiere at the Kriterion art cinema in Amsterdam. The audience was packed, and I was terribly nervous. The lead actress and I were trying to restrain ourselves from giggling as we hunched down in our seats together and waited for them to dim the...

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‘The Pornification of the Straight Man’

Posted on May 21, 2013

This is a little sneak-preview of one of our dialogue labs during the Seriously DIEP Pop-Up University. This lab is called ‘The Pornification of the Straight Man’ and will be presented by Gala Vanting and Peter Leusink. Porn scholarship has traditionally focussed on the effects it has on the female subject.  In recent years, academics,...

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