Saturday June 8, 2013


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This Saturday is dedicated to masculinity in all his/her/its facets. During the 70ies feminism was at its peak. And in the decennia that followed feminists of all sorts were making efforts to positively affirm every different corner of femininity. And now, the moment has arrived in which we can start and explore the world of masculinity. Because, what actually constitutes the masculine?


Seriously DIEP Pop-up University

Masculinity in all his/her/its facets

9.30 – 17.30 hours in Das Spectrum
Spoken language is English


What is masculinity? And what not? In how many forms does it manifest? And if any, what are its limits? Today academics and students will engage with (international) film makers, artists and activists. Together they are set out to encounter the manifold manifestations of masculinity.

Seriously DIEP is not an academic congress in its traditional sense. But it is an experimental pop-up university encouraging academics and students to think outside of their theoretical frameworks. Dr. Murat Aydemir (Amsterdam University) will set the agenda with his keynote conversation followed by three ‘dialogue labs’, which are unique workshops conjointly led by scholars and artists. The dialogue labs critically question the current conventional beliefs and values regarding masculinity. The dialogue labs are:


We aim to involve all participants in a dialogue on the wide spectrum of trans-masculinities, within artistic and academic representations.

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with Eliza Steinbock and Jiro Ghianni Eliza SteinbockJiro Ghianni

From Female Masculinities to Fem Power and Beyond

How do female masculinities and fem power feature in each of our work? How do gendered norms and hierarchies inform queer feminist subcultures? Why is sexual representations and pornography of interest to queer feminist activism and cultural production? How do activism, cultural production and academic work intertwine in queer feminist subcultures?

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with Emilie Jouvet and Ingrid Ryberg Emilie JouvetIngrid Ryberg

The Pornification of the Straight Man

Porn scholarship has traditionally focussed on the effects it has on the female subject. In recent years, academics, activists, and gender geeks have turned their attention to the straight male subject and the ways in which porn as a genre and as a culture has contributed to a ‘crisis of masculinitiy’.

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with Gala Vanting and Peter Leusink Gala VantingPeter Leusink

Black Masculinities

This is a workshop that aims to provide a space in which participants can engage in a conversation about the ways in which society creates ideas about gender, masculinity and manhood, men’s issues and how this affects our everyday lives.

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with Egbert Alejandro Martina & Ruud Tevreden Egbert Alejandro MartinaRuudTevreden

The Pop-up University is organized in collaboration with the Graduate Gender Programme of Utrecht University.