Saturday June 15, 2013


What would a festival on gender and sexuality be without some hands-on activities? We would not let you leave without getting your hands dirty, would we? You can go back to the basics of sexuality and learn more about the intimacy of kissing. Or use your hands for vaginal stimulation or to make your own sustainable toys. Additionally, be ready to be swept away by the aspirations of several artists–in the form of film and performance.

Below you will find the four events of today:

Handjob (for trans- en cisgendered women)


15.00 – 19.00 hours in Cult Dealer Enzo

Spoken language is English

This afternoon we are going to pioneer. We will make an ode to the pussy and to the pleasure that can derived form it through fisting. Fisting is often regarded as an extreme activity, but during this workshop sex-educator Wendy Delorme will show you how fisting can be fun, arousing and easily done in the confinements of your own room. She will tell you about the uses of lube, proper gloves, and about the techniques suited for the shapes of each individual body. Together with her partner Flozif she will also give a demonstration how to go about.

The workshop is focusing on vaginal fisting, we will divide it in two parts, the first part will be dedicated to knowledge and experience sharing, the second part will be dedicated to experiencing. If you can come along with your partner or someone you feel sexually comfortable with, this will be helpful for part II. But you do not have to practice! You are also very welcome to “just” listen/talk. This is not a goal-oriented workshop. It is about a specific sexual practice and its culture, its practice, but we aim to develop a better sense of the sexual self and a further knowledge of our own desires and boundaries.

First part
– About the vagina
– About safe sex and fisting (taboos, prejudices, and reality)
– Are you a fistee of a fister, or both?
– Bonding with your Partner
– Safe sex fisting in Sex Parties
– Fisting in Sex Parties (partner, voyeurism, how to protect the partner and yourself…)

Second part
– Demonstration,
– Relaxation, bonding
– and practice…

This workshop is accessible to women and trans people. Bring your own partner if you would like to try out yourselves. Of course, just watching is fine too! So just to be clear, you do not need to undress. You are more than welcome if you just want to observe and absorb.

You Don’t Have To Be Rich To Fuck: Do-It-Yourself Toys


13.00 – 17.00 hours in Kapitaal

Spoken language is English

In order to enjoy different sexual activities you don’t have to be rich. All too often, one is made to believe that expensive toys are in place when wanting to experiment. But there is no need for designer dildos, whips made of high quality kangaroo leather, or costly heavy metal cuffs. Cheap materials can get you on a high ride as well, you just need to know how.

The workshop hosts from Bikesexual will teach you how to make your own safe sex toys from used bicycle parts. Now, that’s talk of sustainable pleasure!

Close Encounters – Exploring Intimacy


14.00 – 18.00 hours in the Spiegelzaal

Spoken language is English

While all the focus is on sex is intimacy something that is easily taken for granted or forgotten. Though, intimacy does not appear out of the blue; just like everything else it needs attention, love and care.

During this workshop will sex-educator, performer and sex-positive activist Gala Vanting draw elements from the world of kink, contact-improvisation and tantra to enforce intimacy. This is an afternoon in which you are the one who is active and which will bring you beyond the act of talking. Gala challenges you to show everything you have got, while keeping your clothes on.

Dirty Hands, Dirty Minds

Film & Debat

20.00 hours in Kapitaal

Spoken language is English

You can expect an evening full of explicit and exhilarating films that show the enormous diversity that make up sexual experiences. We want you to leave DIEP with a good and warm feeling. Therefore, we have made a selection of new erotica and pornography made by kinky queers, feminist women and tough trans people. Something to excite everyone’s taste buds! Comments by film makers Gala Vanting and Jennifer Lyon Bell, queer activist Flozif and sex positive performer Wendy Delorme.

On the program:
– Biodildo (Christian Slaughter)
– 50 Shades of Dylan Ryan (Madison Young), winner of the best kink movie at the Feminist Porn Awards 2013
– work by Gala Vanting
– more to be announced